Alx Veliz is an artist whose emergence comes at a great time in music – a time when dancing rules, where cultures embrace, and when optimism rides high. Alx Veliz brings an electrifying, synth-driven pop with Latin rhythm which calls to one’s heart. More than that, Dancing Kizomba is a declaration and a call to the dancefloor.

Alx Veliz and his music are products of the multicultural fabric of Toronto, a blend of histories, renewals, and currents. As he says, “in a society with various cultures, upbringing and dialects there is one thing we all have in common: love. I’ve always been a hopeless romantic so it was only right for the dominant theme in my music to be just that, love.”

Coming from a musical family (on his mother’s side, nearly everyone sings, plays, and writes), it was nearly predetermined that Alx Veliz would too find his artistic heart. That music would become a consuming passion asserted itself early and has never diminished. As a child, Veliz couldn’t sit in church, being inspired to sing and dance amid the pews. Years later, he naturally went on to lead the band at service. At age 10, he was writing music and rapping. Over the next couple of years, Veliz added the rhythmic fundamentals of bass and drums to his repertoire and went on to hone his skills as a producer while still a teen.

Kizomba(Angolan word for party) is the hottest dance craze in decades and is already predominant in every studio and club from Montreal to Moscow, Montevideo to Miami. Kizomba is a key component of a dance movement that began in Angola and is characterized by a slower and more romantic rhythm. This sexy form of dance has quickly spread and is making its’ way to the mainstream world. Alx Veliz’s soundtrack takes a cue from the trend and makes it a sensation. Dancing Kizomba is a narrative song, celebrating a man and woman falling in love via the beauty of dance

Dancing Kizomba is a jam born in a traffic jam – that is to say that the gridlock of a major city provides space for Alx Veliz’s muse to visit him, songs beginning as voice notes while in the car. Veliz will say that when there’s nowhere to go, his creativity is set free. Kizomba then travelled to the Veliz’s studio, where the in-car demo expanded with added sounds and further Latin vibe.

Alx Veliz’s chief passions beyond music are soccer (he plays weekly and is involved with Futbol4life, a non-profit developing athletic and leadership skills in Colombia) and cooking. Cooking, he says, is an art that mirrors making music. As a chef, one works diligently to develop a signature flavor and, at some point, seeks out others to expand one’s dishes further. For Dancing Kizomba, Veliz also shared the kitchen with Montreal producer Medy Landia and together they mixed ingredients that are now served hot on the dancefloor.

This is an exciting year to be Alx Veliz. Combining his given talent with devotion to his craft, he’s raised his voice to where all can hear. He’s just cemented a worldwide recording deal with Universal Music and has set his sights on a global audience.  Dancing Kizomba marks the thrilling tease of much more to come from this unique artist.

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