Jordan Powers

Jordan Powers has always had moxie. From her early years performing front and center in local dance recitals, to moving to Los Angeles by herself days after her high school graduation, to traveling the world and performing for hundreds of thousands of people singing backup for Selena Gomez, there’s just no end in sight for this girl.

Jordan has always loved music, her earliest influences being Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey, but her power lies within her lyrics. Known by her family and friends to lock herself within her room for hours at a time, Jordan began writing poetry at age 7, then began writing her own songs at age 9. Her words and melodies have since left her bedroom walls catching the eyes and ears of her, now, manager, Randy Jackson, as well as Disney Music Publishing.   In December of 2017, Jordan signed her first publishing deal with Disney and is set to make quite a name for herself as a songwriter in the coming years. ”I feel the world at my feet. I couldn’t be more excited about the position I find myself in… and I’m just getting started,” says Powers, further proving that that confidence is truly innate within her.

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