Rose is a platinum-selling songwriter and vocalist from Los Angeles. A master of melody, Rose channels the bounce and attitude of the ‘90s and aughts into hook-filled and forward-looking pop and R&B, working her alchemy with diverse artists on the cutting edge, from K-pop queen BoA to L.A.’s own Syd. Though her writing credits precede her – Danity Kane’s unforgettable single “Damaged” chief among them – Rose’s work in artist development and songwriter advocacy ensures that her own hits are only one facet of her impact on the industry. With today’s trailblazers on her line and tomorrow’s stars under her wing, Rose is ready for a new season of growth – and ready for the music industry to catch up.

Today, Rose’s efforts to move the needle in the music industry go far beyond the studio. As a board member for the songwriter advocacy group The 100 Percenters, Rose and a group of successful young creatives use their platforms to amplify the voices of marginalized groups and those in undervalue artistic roles, while mobilizing their resources to democratize access to opportunities and education (a cause close to Rose’s heart as an AAPI woman in the industry). Rose’s plans to lean further into advocacy while continuing to develop artists and seek new opportunities as a songwriter mean that her work is sure to be felt more widely than ever in the months and years to come. All the while, Rose’s pen stays busy, too: reunited in the studio with Syd, the music they’re crafting is guaranteed to be lyrically arresting and sonically daring. With a career’s worth of cuts already in the rearview and limitless possibilities on the horizon, Rose and her many talents stand ready to receive whatever’s in store – and shake up the game while she’s at it.

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