Simon Oscroft

Simon is a New Zealand born songwriter/producer who spent years in Brooklyn before moving to Los Angeles where he currently resides. Simon’s a multi-instrumentalist who grew up in rock and indie bands which has become hugely influential on his production and writing style. Live instrumentation and organic textures are the focus of Simon’s sound. Recent releases have seen Simon co-produce ‘What, Me Worry?’ By Portugal. The Man alongside Ryan Tedder and Jeff Bhasker and ’Sunshine’ by OneRepublic. Simon’s passion is artist development and he likes to work at the ground level with young emerging talent and become a part of the early sonic identity of a project, helping guide it through the stages of growth. This was the case the The Aces, Almost Monday and his own personal projects Frills and MOTHXR who began in the bedroom and lead to becoming fledged touring acts on major labels. The newest development project alongside The Knocks’ Ben Ruttner sees Dallas native ‘Juliana Madrid’ sign to Neon Gold and the release of her debut ‘Madonna’ co-written and produced by Simon. Future releases also include Paris Jackson, more from One Republic and Almost Monday.


(Portugal. The Man, OneRepublic, The Naked and Famous, DREAMERS, Almost Monday, Phil Good, The Aces)

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