Tony Ferrari

Tony Ferrari was raised writing poetry. His grandfather, a published poet, spent countless hours with Tony working on his writing from a very young age. In his early teens, Tony discovered soul music and fell in love with the likes of Sam Cooke, Marvin Gaye, and Nat King Cole. The poetry that he loved to write would now transform into the music that he adored.

Tony has independently released two full length albums, both of which debuted in the iTunes Charts. His most recent, “Gentleman,” reached the top 50 on the Pop Charts, and catapulted Tony into a year-long journey of touring and constantly working on music. Over the last four months, Tony has refocused his energy on new music with a new and bold style. “Growing up is a constant state of transformation, and we really never stop growing up,” Tony says. “Music is perfectly reflective of that. The sounds, the words, and the feelings that go into and come out of the music we create will always be evolving. But the music I make will always be a perfect reflection of me. This is me.”

Tony recently partnered with multi-platinum selling producer, Kevin Kadish, to write and produce his next record. Tony also co-wrote and performed “What We Got” for the Mickey Mouse birthday celebration.

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